4 indicators that you may be wasting your time with New Year’s Resolutions

Have you stuck with your New Year’s Resolutions? Dr. John Norcross studied 200 people who made New Year’s Resolutions and according to his research there are several indicators to the likelihood that you will achieve your goals. Use this information to achieve your resolution and ensure that you don’t waste your time with resolutions that are unlikely to work. "How To Make New Year's Resolutions Stick" featuring Dr. Norcross To achieve your resolution, one given is that you must write down your resolution. All 200 people in this study wrote down their resolution(s). Also, don’t fret if you’ve slipped in your resolution already. Interestingly the most successful resolvers slipped in January. These people said that their first slip actually strengthened their efforts.

1. Trying to achieve too much

Those who attempt to achieve too much ended up achieving nothing. Dr Norcross suggests that “Grandiose goals beget resignation and early failure”. suggests sticking to just one resolution. If two resolutions are related like losing weight and exercising more, then these can be attempted together. Otherwise it’s better to go for one goal. Once that goal is established as a habit then move on to the next goal.

2. Not believing you will achieve your goals

Dr Norcross states that "one needs to establish genuine confidence that one can keep the resolution". This is an obvious indicator. If you don’t believe that you will achieve your goal you almost certainly will not.

3. Keeping your resolution to yourself

There may be reasons not to reveal your resolution to family and friends. Perhaps you are not confident that you will achieve your resolution or are embarrassed. The result is that you miss out on support and friends who will keep you accountable and your resolution is unlikely to succeed. Check out the 43 things website that will help you share your goals with your friends and others.

4. Not preparing for the long haul

Achieving a resolution often requires a change in lifestyle and habits. This is a life-long quest. If you don’t prepare for the long haul you are likely to become discouraged and give up. The good news is that people who made resolutions were 10 times more likely to succeed than those who were not yet ready to put plans into action. So if you haven’t made a New Year’s Resolution – do it. Pick one thing to achieve by a set date that you know you can do. Write it down and tell all your friends about. Be prepared for a life-long change.

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Very interesting... I only have one resolution but I haven't written it down or told anyone about it. However, I do believe I can achieve it and am prepared for the long haul. Day 11 now and going well so far.

Grandiose goals beget resignation and early failure. only one at a time.

I think New Years Resolution should be made just for having some fun. It should not come in way of our work, and we should not be wasting time behind it just to make it happen. We must have faith in ourselves that we can achieve what we desire.
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