Save Time with your Smartphone

With the increasing popularity of smartphones, you might be wondering what you can do to make yours more than a cool device for social media updates. Being lightweight and multi-purpose the smartphone can travel with you virtually everywhere to perform all sorts of time saving tasks. This article looks at ways you can increase your productivity and save time with your smartphone. Save time with Smartphone

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Rather than focus on device dependent (eg- Android, iPhone) applications, this article will suggest types of applications that can be used to save time.

1. Email

Emails can soak up a lot of time. Smartphones enable you to clear email anytime, anywhere without having to log onto your PC or laptop. Your Smartphone can be set up for receiving and sending emails through multiple mail clients. Personally I use my phone to sync work email with MS Outlook, and personal emails with Gmail. I find it particularly useful when I remember I need to check or pass information onto someone.

2. Task manager

One of the most used apps on my smartphone is a task/list manager. I use it to maintain numerous lists (e.g.- ‘shopping list’), ‘to do actions’ (e.g – tasks I need to do today at work), and ‘thoughts’ (eg. ‘question list’, ‘idea list’). These lists help me manage my time, and reduce wasting time from my forgetfulness.

3. News on the run

I obtain most of my daily news from my smart phone, which saves me time checking the news later on. For more information refer to Save Time Keeping up with the News

4. Information via the internet

With a smartphone, you have sitting in your pocket access to the wealth of information on the internet. For example – an answer to a question, the opening times or address of shop, movie session times, and reviews on product you are looking at.

5. A break from the kids

If you have young kids you might appreciate this one. Sometime you just need a short break to get something done, and the games on my Smartphone provide a happy short distraction for my 4 year old daughter.

6. Navigation

It is now common to have a navigation facility built into a smartphone. This helps you save time by finding places quicker and avoid getting lost. If you have trouble with directions, then the Smartphone can even show you if you are walking or travelling in the right direction … which can save a lot of time.

7. Share market updates

For those monitoring shares on the stock market, the smartphone provides quick and easy way to obtain updates. With a press of the button I can see what my shares are doing today.

8. Public transport timetable

It is most frustrating to miss your train or bus by a minute, and to have to wait 30 minutes for the next one. Transport apps enable you to quickly determine the time of the next bus/train/ferry departure. In addition to the above time saving ideas, the Smartphone replaces the need to carry a number of items such as – music player, a watch, street directory, phone book, calendar, calculator, camera, reading material, radio, video player, games, torch, and in some parts of the world even credit cards. How do you use your Smartphone to save time? Let us know what apps you recommend.

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