Top 9 Time-Saving Tools in the Kitchen

Cooking meals at home are healthier and cost less than eating at restaurants or getting takeout, but can you actually save time by cooking at home? Here are our top 9 tools that will save you time in the kitchen.

It’s important that your cooking area is well organized and that the measuring cups, bowls, mixing spoons and spices that you need for your meal making are easily within your grasp.

There are also many useful kitchen gadgets that can help you save time cooking so you can have more time for the things you enjoy. Here are just some of the items that serve as valuable minute-savers in the kitchen:

1. Microwave

For heating up frozen vegetables, melting butter or defrosting meat, the microwave oven remains a staple for the time-savvy cook. Who would try and live today without a Microwave?

2. Sharp Knives

A collection of frequently sharpened knives will not only save time but they are also safer.

3. Immersion blender

When it comes to making soups and sauces, nothing saves time more than an immersion blender, also known as a hand or stick blender. This item allows you to turn solid foods into puree in just minutes and can be cleaned by briefly rinsing in the sink.

4. Mini food processor

If you’re pinched for time and have lots of vegetables to cut, a miniature food processor can do the job in just seconds with the press of a single button. Smaller units are especially great because most of the parts are dishwasher safe and take up only a small amount of room.

5. Digital cookbook or laptop

Thanks to the Internet, we now have thousands of recipes at our fingertips, and having a laptop or digital cookbook in the kitchen brings new recipes directly to you, without having to waste paper or worry about organizing cookbooks. Careful not to splatter, though!

6. Slow cooker

Your grandmother’s favorite method of cooking big family meals is regaining popularity in modern times as a great time saver for busy families. Slow cooker recipes require you to just chop and toss ingredients into the cooker and then let it do the hard work throughout the day, ready for you to enjoy when you get home.

7. Dishwasher

Saving time isn’t relegated simply to the process of cooking meals. A quality dishwasher can save you hours of dishwashing after dinner, when you most want to be relaxing.

8. Bread machine

Homemade bread not only tastes much better than store-bought bread, it’s also far healthier. As much as we’d all love to have homemade bread in the house every day, most of us do not have the time to make it. Bread machines offer a simple alternative by making homemade bread a fast and easy process.

9. Rice cooker

For perfectly cooked rice with minimal effort, a rice cooker is a great option. Set it and then carry on with preparing other parts of your meal. In twenty minutes your rice is ready.

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What’s your favourite time-saving tool in the kitchen? Is there something in our list you feel is a waste?


I like the bread machine! There is nothing healthier than your own bread that you have baked on your own! That's why, I got the best bread maker here at the house.

A little thought put into what you need to purchase can save you from many an impulse buy. Know what you need. Then when you see it on sale – buy it..

Nothing is better than the taste of homemade fresh bread compared to bought bread. The effort to make bread the traditional way vs a bread maker is much more...... Minimal cleanup and very little preparation time.