Save Time learning Spanish - Top 5 Free Online Resources

It is practically impossible to learn a language well without engaging with people face-to-face. However online resources can be incredibly helpful and speed up the learning progress. Here are my top five free online resources. Laptop on books Image: renjith krishnan /

Google Translate

Absolutely essential tool. It doesn't help with idiomatic expressions and the translations can sometimes be unnatural but it is incredibly helpful and easy to use.|en|

Verb Conjugator

Verb conjugation is probably the most important part of learning Spanish and here is tool that provides all the verb conjugations in the different tenses There are other interesting features on this website such as Flash Cards.

Bible Gateway

When learning a language, I have found it very helpful to be able to read while listening to how the words are pronounced correctly. The Bible Gateway provides this resource where you can listen to the Bible while reading it. This is doubly useful for me as I learn to work with the church in Peru.

Spanish Dictionary

This dictionary is great once you know a little Spanish. It gives you the definition of words in Spanish (not helpful when you're just getting started) with details of the different possible meanings, the gender of the word and even examples of how the word can be used.

News in Slow Spanish

Do you want to listen to the news in Spanish but it's too fast and hard to understand. Try "News in Slow Spanish".

Study Spanish

Here's a bonus resource... This is comprehensive Spanish Course explaining the grammar with drills and quizzes. Are there any other online tools that you would recommend?



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It's true, English speakers find it easy to learn Spanish, as it seems to be a familiar language to the tongue.