3 Biggest Time Wasters in the Office

Here's a fantastic infographic from Atlassian that describes the three biggest time wasters in the office. You waste a lot of time

The 3 Biggest Time Wasters according to Atlassian are:

  1. Excessive Email

  2. This is absolutely true. We are bombarded by email receiving on average more than 60 email a day. A major issue with email is not just the time it takes but also the cost of the interruption in your train of thought. Here's how to minimise the damage with the most Insidious Time-Waster in the Office?
  3. Pointless Meetings

  4. Respondents to a survey cite that 50% of meetings are wasted time.
  5. Constant Interruptions

  6. Today's offices are optimised for interruptions. They are often open-plan (easy for physical interruptions) and everyone one has a telephone and a mobile-phone sometimes an Instant Messager.

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