The Pomodoro Technique

As a lot of people during the COVID-19 lockdown, I'm now working from home with my wife and three kids. Normally I don't need anyone but myself to distract me but now I often have someone needing my attention every few minutes. I can still get things done but there are things that need extra focus that never seem to get done. During times like this the Pomodoro technique comes to the rescue.

The word "pomodoro" literally means "tomato" in Italian. It's name comes from Francesco Cirillo who developed this technique and used a tomato-shaped kitchen timer. It involves working in 25 minute blocks where you stay completely focused on one task.

How to use the Pomodoro technique

  1. Select a task and set a timer for 25 min. If you're on your computer, shut down email, browser tabs and anything that might distract you
  2. Start the timer and work on this task and nothing else! If one of the kids needs help, assuming that something's not on fire, let them know will be with them soon.
  3. When the timer alarm goes off, stop your work.

You can then go and help with a task that your kid need or just have a break for a few minutes. Then come back and repeat.


Helpful Application

Instead of using a kitchen timer I use PomoFocus. It's got a simple clean interface and I like that it has the countdown in the browser tab. It's a website - I don't need to download anything to use it.

Comment below... what techniques help you to stay focus, especially when working at home?