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At CraveTime we occasionally outsource article writing to save time. Typically, this involves brainstorming ideas for articles, producing a writer’s brief, and then outsourcing the work. Writers can be sourced from a number of locations on the internet such as ODesk and E-lance. Does it work? Read on, for the rest of this article has been outsourced. Save Time Writing Articles

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If your business is not focused on writing, then you might find it to be a stumbling block when you do need to produce some writing for your work. Writing, particularly writing quickly, is not a universal skill and not one easily acquired. If it is not within the scope of your work to employ a copywriter full time or part time, then, rather than spend valuable employee time and human resources redirecting a member of your own staff whose expertise lies elsewhere, it can help you save a great deal of time if you outsource your writing. Writing in-house takes up your time and when pushed for time quality could suffer. Rather than expose you to the inconvenience and risk of embarrassment that in-house writing brings, you can outsource for high-quality work on a tight schedule.

Benefits of Outsourcing Writing

Focus on your core business

Employing a copywriting service to do your writing has many benefits. First of all, it means that work can continue unabated on your ongoing projects while your copy is being produced. Since you do not need to redirect any human resources to writing, your teams of staff remain undisturbed and they can perform their accustomed duties without disruption.

You have a team of writers at your disposal

You also have the benefit of working with a fully assembled group of writers, editors, and managers who can ensure that the writing you receive comes in on time. Since you are dealing with a group who writes on a schedule professionally, you can be confident that there will be no tomfoolery with deadline timing. The work will be ready when your outsourced writing service says it will be. In addition, you can be assured that the writing you commission will be of high quality. Having come from pre-vetted writers and gone through a team of experienced content editors and copyeditors who ensure that your message is intact and presented with clear phrasing, good grammar, and immaculate spelling and punctuation.

Use writers who can write for a particular audience

Outsourced writers are particularly effective for composing communication to consumers, such as ad copy. Since engineers and designers are so steeped in their respective professions, they can tend to use the jargon of the workplace when introducing their creations to the outside world. While this professional jargon is useful, and even beneficial, when professionals are communicating with their peers, it presents a barrier to communication to someone who is outside of that community. Using writers who are likewise outside allows you to create an effective verbal outreach, using inclusive language and taking into account the point of view of the audience so as to have the most beneficial effect. You’ll be able to save time and reduce your stress by handing off the writing to experienced, specialized people who make it their business to make your words work for you, and with those time savings you’ll have more time to worry about the big picture. Seize back your valuable time, energy, and resources by outsourcing wisely. You’ll be the happier for it and improve your efficiency immensely.

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