Save Time

7 Tips to save time when you travel for business

With customers, suppliers and staff scattered across the country or planet, business travel is an unavoidable use of time. There is of course the travel time component, standing in queues, waiting in airports, hopping from taxi to taxi, checking in and out of hotels, finding new places to eat, and of course the opportunity cost of not working on other tasks. business travel time

Time Management 101

There are millions of books and articles on Time management. Given that CraveTime is seeking to help people save time it makes sense to cover this topic.

Save Leisure Time

We need to save time to have leisure time. While seeks to increase your leisure time, the purpose of the ‘Leisure’ section is to help you make the most of your limited leisure time. Leisure Time

Better than Time management - Introduction to alternate methods to save time

Are there better ways to save time than time management? We all know that time management techniques can save us time. However, there are plenty of other approaches that potentially save more time. Save Time


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