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Why we Crave Time?

What sort of week have you just had? There is a good chance that you have had a busy week. I suspect that you also wonder where the year has gone, and you probably crave more time. Why we Crave Time

It's never too late. (Enough time)

Is there still time
An important lesson from history is that many people are late-achievers and produced their best works in the second-half of life. While no one knows when their time is up, there is still time to have a go. Thinking ‘there is not enough time’ has spoilt many dreams. It's never too late.

Focus your time-usage with three questions

Here are three questions that will help you make the most of your time.

Focus time usage

Time use - How to live before you die (Steve Jobs)

Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple) was recently named CEO of the decade by Fortune magazine. He once said – “Remembering that I'll be dead soon is the most important tool I've ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life.” Steve Jobs

The Secret powers of Time - Philip Zimbardo / RSA Animate

For an interesting and creative view on time perspectives refer to - "The Secret Powers of Time". The speaker is the well-known Philip Zimbardo, and the animation is provided by RSA Animate who have a collection of interesting videos.

What is your Time perspective and why it matters?

The way we view and deal with time is central to our life.  Some people seem to have all time in the world, while others can't get enough time.  Time perspective guru’s Zimardo and Boyd, claim that time perspectives is "one of the most powerful influences on virtually all aspects of human behavior".

Time off

Running late and wasting time

Waiting for someone who is running late is annoying. The issue is not trivial according to the Stop Lateness campaign which claims that the average British person losses 38 hours a year from lateness. That is a lot of wasted time. Running late and wasting time

CraveTime’s Top TIME Quotes

We regularly coming across quotes on time. Our current favourites are:

12. “It ain’t the years [TIME] honey … it’s the mileage” (Indiana Jones)

The greatest time teacher … death

How close have you been to death? Experiences that heighted our death awareness can sharpen our mind to the way we think about time.

Time gone

Time distortion - time in a crisis, flying time, and kettle watching time

The passage of time is not as it seems. Does time slow down during a crisis? Does time fly when you’re having fun? Does time get faster as you get older? Is the return trip of a journey shorter? Will the watched kettle ever boil?
Weird world of time


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