Save Time in Fitness - Maximum results with your time

<p>Many people do fitness programs which are ineffective and a waste of time. Clearly, if you put in the hard time and effort into exercise you want results. This article provides tips on making the most of your fitness time.</p>
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<h2>1. Ensure your training time is <i>‘in the zone’ </i></h2> How would you feel if only 20% of your training time was effective? Do you even know if your fitness time is effective at all? By using a heart rate monitor you can monitor the effectiveness of your training, and make changes to your routine accordingly.

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<h2>2. Do the right exercises right</h2> Don’t waste time doing the wrong exercises, or doing the right exercises incorrectly. Three questions to consider :<br>
(i) Are you doing exercises that are appropriate for your body-type and condition? For example, jogging may not be the best exercise if you are heavily overweight. <br>
(ii) Are the exercises appropriate for your fitness goals? For example, if you want to run a marathon, lifting heavy weights may not be appropriate.<br>
(iii) Are you doing the exercises correctly? Doing an exercise incorrectly can be counter-productive and even damaging.
<h2>3. Put more effort into shorter fitness session</h2> People who do “moderately intense workouts” for 40 minutes just 4 days week, receive more fitness benefit than those who walk 50 minutes every day. (Source – a study by the University of Alberta). Another study has indicated that high intensity workouts for just 3 or 4 days a week will be more beneficial than low intensity workouts for 5 to 7 days. (Source – university of Florida). Implications – Make better use of your exercise time by putting more effort into shorter workouts (rather than putting less effort into longer workouts).
<h2>4. Motivated training gets better results</h2> Like most things in life, if you are motivated you will do a better job. Likewise, you must be motivated to make good use of your exercise time. Some tips include:<br>
(i) Know your fitness goals – why are you doing this?<br>
(ii) Learn more about fitness and the benefits of exercise.<br>
(iii) Do the hard work to become 'addicted' to exercise. It may take a few weeks, but once you reach this stage your body will want to exercise (and will feel bad if you don't).<br>
(iv) Train at your optimal exercise time. If you’re not a morning person, then you may never have the motivation for a 6:00am swim. <br>
(v) Choose an exercise or sport you enjoy.<br> If you still can’t motivate yourself, then perhaps you need a coach or trainer ...
<h2>5. Personal trainer</h2> Personal trainers can help you make better use of your fitness time by personally helping you with all the points listed here. If the cost is prohibitive consider sharing a personal trainer. One of my friends has being doing this with a group of friends and they have a great time.<br>
Please leave a comment if you have thoughts on making fitness sessions more time effective.
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I agree with point 3 regarding intensive fitness sessions. These are certainly important.