4 simple steps for rapid skill acquisition

A lot has been written about the 10,000 hours it takes to be at the top of a competitive field. A more relevant question might be "how long does it take to reach a reasonable level of competence in anything?"

In this TED talk by Josh Kaufman, he argues that it takes just 20 hours - 20 hours of deliberate practice. Due to the law of diminishing returns, there's a sweet spot. For a small amount of time you can get great gains.

Save Time learning Spanish - Top 5 Free Online Resources

It is practically impossible to learn a language well without engaging with people face-to-face. However online resources can be incredibly helpful and speed up the learning progress. Here are my top five free online resources. Laptop on books

Study Online to Save Time

Online courses (or e-learning) can provide great time savings if used appropriately. When used well such learning methods can enabled you to fit education into a busy week with minimal interference to family life. Study online to Save TimeHow does an on-line course work? Well, it depends on the course. Often universities provide a web portal to run their on-line courses. Typically a secure login is enabled for each student allowing access to - course material; an interactive discussion forum; a facility to upload and submit assignments; and access to the university research facilities and library. Previously I have done post-graduate study (part-time) via two methods – (i) on campus study, and (ii) on-line study. How do they compare?
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