Save Time

Solve Problems in Less Time

<p>Do you welcome problems or avoid them? Problems can bring both opportunity and frustration. According to Henry Ford (founder of the Ford car) – <i>“Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them”</i>. This article looks at ways to save time solving problems.</p>
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Tips to improve Sleep Time

<p>To function optimally we need to sleep well. However, according to the US national sleep foundation around 75% of the population experience weekly sleep problems, nearly 40% don’t get enough sleep on week nights and nearly 40% are <i>“so sleepy during the day that it interferes with daily activities”</i>. Are you getting the sleep you need to make good use of your daily time? Here are tips to help you sleep better.</p>

Find Time by Living longer (It is not rocket science)

It is not rocket science – if you live longer you have more time. Today we live in an era where average life expectancy in many countries exceeds 80 years. Just one hundred years ago the life expectancy in developed countries was around 50 years. Of course we don’t all reach grand ages. This article looks at recommended ways of increasing our chances of a long and healthy life. Time gone

Save Time with a Virtual Personal Assistant

A virtual personal assistant (sometimes known as a ‘virtual concierge’ or the provider of a ‘virtual valet’ service) is essentially someone that provides personal assistance via the internet. The great benefit of having a virtual assistant is that it can save you (or your staff) a lot of time, and allow you to make better use of your time.
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Time Management with Newborn Twins

My twin girls are now two and a half years old and in some ways the time has just flown by and in other ways it has dragged on. The first 3-4 months with twins were intense! There was a lot of crying in the house and the babies cried too. It was tough in terms of sleep deprivation and the amount to do and regularity of feeds. Whenever possible I had to take a nap when the girls were napping. It seemed like I was not getting things done but in terms of mental sanity it was essential.

7 Tips to save time when you travel for business

With customers, suppliers and staff scattered across the country or planet, business travel is an unavoidable use of time. There is of course the travel time component, standing in queues, waiting in airports, hopping from taxi to taxi, checking in and out of hotels, finding new places to eat, and of course the opportunity cost of not working on other tasks. business travel time

Save Time Packing for Travel

A lot of leisure time can be lost due to bad packing. Common packing issues are – forgetting to pack essential items, packing too much, and packing in a way that you can’t easily find what you need when you need it.
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The following packing tips may help: